Patent Pending Vacuum Tower Eliminates Foaming for Improved Water Removal

We are excited to announce our patent pending vacuum tower oil purifier design!

This unique design incorporates a larger surface area and more residency time, which enables the fluid product to achieve high-efficiency gas removal rates as it enters the vacuum tower. Once the fluid has been degassed and dehydrated in the vacuum tower, the oil is pumped downstream for removal of its 1 micron and greater sized particulates.

Our patent pending vacuum tower virtually eliminates foam from your systems to allow you to operate at a higher vacuum level and significantly improve your water removal rates while still providing stable operation.

Our Vacuum Oil Purifiers and Filtration Systems were developed specifically to solve this wide array of contamination issues seen so frequently within refined hydrocarbon and petroleum products.

The reason Vacuum Oil Purifiers are so effective in removing most forms of contamination is because they use both a vacuum and a specific temperature setting to expel contaminants in the form of a gas, while the desired petroleum product remains as it is in its original liquid form.

These are now available to rent. Call 800-770-4510  to rent today!

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