The Hydrocarbon Difference

Superior Design & Fabrication = Superior Performance

All filtration equipment is not created equal. Though these systems are a relatively small part of your operation, they have a big impact on the performance of your critical equipment and your total cost of ownership.

Hydrocarbon Filtration has an in-house technical staff with over 25 years experience specifically in the field of filtration equipment design and operation. We know that reliability, ease of use, and effective removal of water, varnish, and particulate are all driven by how well the filtration system is designed and fabricated.

Here are some examples of the quality fabrication and thoughtful design we put into every piece of equipment we sell, refurbish or rent:

A series of several oil filtration systems built by Hydrocarbon Filtration are shown in a productized image

Example: Hydrocarbon Vacuum Oil Purifier vs. the Competition

Our units are designed for faster, more efficient water removal. The key way our unit achieves this is by reducing overall oil in the tower and increase surface area in the chamber to increase gas/water extraction efficiency. This allows you to run at a higher vacuum due to design allowing water removal at a faster rate. Additional differences are listed below:

Hydrocarbon’s Unit
  1. Faster water removal achieved with higher vacuum which is made possible by:
    1. Four times the surface area of most competitors skids achieved with high-efficiency micro-glass filters housed in a 640 series discharge filter housing
    2. Bag filter addition on the inlet
    3. Stainless heater shell direct to VAC tower
  2. Foaming eliminated through equipment design that has increased surface area and ability to operate at higher vacuum.
  3. All major components and vessels are stainless steel to be truly rust-proof
  4. Safe design with water proof covers on all switches, vacuum pump protected by soft start and explosion proof models
  5. Phase reversal startup issues are eliminated with an electrical control panel with all VFD’s and VFD’s prolong equipment life and add additional fault data
  6. Reliability increased with proper design and skid layout to prevent heat buildup, cracked sight windows, water leakage, and motor failure.
Competitions VOP
  1. Inferior square pressure vessel design which leads to weld failure and leakage and requires 400% more oil than our design.
  2. Foaming is a common issue due to excess oil in the vacuum tower and less surface area, causing oil sprays on the PDM rings
  3. Slower water removal and less achievable vacuum because the tower is forced to operate at lower volume to avoid excessive foaming
  4. Requires motor phase alignment switch and an extra step because there is only one VFD
  5. Prone to motor failure due to water leaks from the tower onto the motor due to poor equipment layout
  6. Prone to rusting and contamination because vessels are a coated carbon steel prone to chipping and in-proper sealing.
  7. Unsafe design with exposed switches and gauges

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