Unit Refurbishment & Repair

We routinely repair all competitor systems to improve performance and efficiency.

Typical repairs are 30% to 50% the cost of a new system and we have the expertise to provide support for system made by other OEM’s.

We have repaired and upgraded the following OEM Systems:

  • Gulfgate / Henek
  • Oil Filtration Systems
  • Hypro
  • Pall
  • Parker
  • No Limit
  • Descase
  • Baron
  • High Purity

Before & After Examples

Upgraded Vacuum Oil Purifier

What We Upgraded on this Unit

We upgraded and improved 10 & 20 GPM Vacuum Oil Purifier (VOP) that had the following issues:

  • Antiquated electrical controls
  • Minimal fail safe to prevent heater meltdown and possible oil fire
  • Inability to clearly understand system status
  • Frequent changes of coalescer elements
  • Prone to fouling and do not work with high viscosity oil conditions

The refurbished unit by Hydrocarbon has the following improvements:

  • Backup safety systems on both electrical and mechanical sides
  • Modern control panel with the ability to understand all system status from the front
  • Digital heater controller & process gauges with Filter DP gauges
  • An inlet #2 Bag Filter and permanent dispersion elements within the vacuum tower
  • Low oil lever heater float switch alarm which prevents meltdowns and heaters from energizing unless oil is present
  • Vacuum adjustment valve & double O-Ring flange with clear sight installed
  • Changed from Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps to Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps to eliminate fouling and improve coalescer element performace in high viscosity oil conditions.

Oil Dehydration Skid Upgrades

How We Improved Safety, Reliability and Efficiency

What we updated for improved safety, reliability and efficiency:

  • Relocated all components and created modern design for safety, simplicity of operation, and greater water and particulate removal.
  • Use existing Oil Pump and Oil Pump Motor Supplied with the system.
  • Modified Base with Fork Lift Slots on 2 Sides – 90” Width X 70” Depth X 70” Height.
  • Low Point Drains Accessed by Left and Front Side.
  • Added 8 Qty. Permanent Dispersion Elements (304 Stainless) to work with ISO 220 Gear Oil – removed all existing coalescer elements.  Elements do not have to be changed.
  • Added Bush Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump w/ New Oil and Coalescer Elements.
  • 2 Qty. 16 kW Oil Heaters were used and 2 were damaged – replaced 2 Qty. used ones in good shape.  Added Fail Safe Heater Low Oil Level Control to prevent heater meltdown.
  • All new Process Gauges – (0 to -30” Hg Vacuum Gauge) – (0-100 PSI Oil Pump Gauge) & (0-50 PSIG Oultet Filter Housing Differential Pressure Gauge w/ 40 PSIG Change Filer Alarm)
  • Added Inlet #2 Bag Filter Housing and used existing outlet 636 Series Filter Housing.
  • Modified Condensate Sump with Double O-ring Flange and Sight Window.
  • Used Existing Electrical NEMA 4 Control Panel and Added all modern controls, alarms and digital heater controller. 
  • New 100’ SO Power Cord.
  • Fully tested with ISO 32 Turbine Oil

Have a Filtration Unit that Needs Repairs?

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