Why should I invest in hydraulic oil filtration systems?

There are a number of reasons why filtration systems are a great investment for preventative maintenance.

According to Caterpillar, the number one cause of hydraulic system failure is often just dirt and contamination, but these seemingly small problems usually lead to much bigger problems for the company. In fact, according to the bearings division of TRW, “contamination is the number one cause of bearing damage that leads to premature removal.”

Case Corporation later highlighted that “one thing holds true about hydraulic systems: They must be kept clean— spotlessly clean— in order to achieve the productivity they are capable of.”

To add to the importance of system maintenance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology stated that “6-7% of Gross National Product is required just to repair the damage caused by mechanical wear,” which occurs as a result of contamination.

Oklahoma State University also concluded that when fluid is maintained 10 times cleaner, hydraulic pump life can be extended by up to 50 times. Cleaner machinery ultimately leads to higher profit for the company. Our number one goal is to help increase profitability for our customers, and our high-quality system maintenance will help them achieve this.

These are the driving forces behind why Hydrocarbon Filtration maintains strong synergy for finding solutions to our customer’s fluid cleanliness problems.

Our rental filtration equipment is designed to remove contaminants from fluids like oils, fuels, chemicals, solvents, machine and engine coolants, and even water.

This contamination is not only responsible for a large amount of machine wear and downtime to your machines, but can be detrimental to many plant processes.

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