Particulate Removal Systems

Oil Reclaimers & Oil Reclamation Systems

Particulate Removal Systems (PRS) are designed to tackle particulate contamination within fluids, oils, or other liquid hydrocarbons and include pumps to push fluids through filter housings or filter vessels. Also known as Oil Reclaimers, Oil Reclamation Systems, Oil Filtration Machines, Low Flow and High Flow Filtration, and PRS systems.

All of HPS Particle Removal systems are designed for the rapid removal of particulate contamination from liquid hydrocarbons like oils and fuels.

For ease of logistics and mobility, HPS systems have optional skid mounted protective cages equipped with lifting lugs and forklift slots on all four sides. Our oil reclaimers can easily be moved by standard forklifts, overhead cranes, flatbed trucks, cargo containers, and trailers.

FAQ’s for Particulate Removal Systems

What filter media do your units use?

Each oil reclamation system is made with a synthetic, man-made, Micro-glass filter media common to most petroleum products.

The filter provides higher efficiency of particle retention, enabling a larger difference in upstream particle counts versus downstream particle counts. This high degree of efficiency helps to maintain a fluid’s natural lubrication properties, unlike older filter media such as paper or cellulose.

Particulate Removal Systems typically use filter elements designed to directly catch particles out of liquid flow streams, a process known as a direct interception.

Particulate is often removed from higher particle counts like ISO 22/21/19 to lower particle counts like ISO 16/14/11 using 5-micron Beta(c) greater than or equal to 1000 filter elements.

Do your oil reclaimers include heaters?

Particulate Removal Systems are equipped with heaters to lower the viscosity of the fluid being pumped so that it flows with less back pressure. The PRS with heaters can also be used to perform hot lube oil flushes within a system.

What are your pre- and post filter options?

HFS systems are available in several sizes and flow rate options with pre and post filter vessel options, including pleated Micro-glass filter media, bag filter elements, and depth media filter elements.

What are the typical flow rates and performance specs for your Particulate Removal Systems?

HFS oil reclamation systems offer a variety of flow rates ranging from 1 to 3000 GPM, with standard pressure to 100 PSI and options for higher operating pressure systems.

Optional air motor are available to meet explosion-proof requirements.

Typical performance of Particulate Removal system produces reduced particulate counts from ISO 21/19/16 (NAS 10) to ISO 14/12/10 (NAS 5). Our systems have been designed to lower particulate contamination at 99% efficiency for low industry setting particle counts.

What types of fluids can these be used with?

Many of our oil reclaimer units can also be used with water-based hydraulic fluids, synthetic-based fire retardant or EHC fluids, kidney looping of reservoirs, high-velocity flushing of system piping meant to produce turbulent flow conditions, and heaters that can increase temperature and lower your fluid’s viscosity.

Can these be used for reservior cleaning or kidney loop setups?

A Particulate Removal System can be used to transfer and filter oil from one reservoir to another. They are usually connected to one reservoir and inserted into a circulation process known as Kidney Loop Filtration. In this process, fluid is recirculated many times between the reservoir and purifier, much like how our kidneys filter blood throughout the body. After 10 to 20 passes, particulate contamination generally meets or exceeds new oil cleanliness results.

Are your skids NEMA rated, explosion-proof or Class 1, Div 2?

Yes. Our Particulate Removal Systems have been manufactured in both explosion-proof options NEMA 7 and NEMA 4/12 to woYes. Our Particulate Removal Systems have been manufactured in both explosion-proof options NEMA 7 and NEMA 4/ Class 1 Div 2 to work with all kinds of voltage and frequency supply specifications. Most HFS filtration systems are NEMA 4 Electrical Compliant and can be operated outdoors in most weather conditions. We also specialize in NEMA 7 explosion-proof systems that meet Class 1, Division 2, and Groups C&D electrical specifications.

What are your on-site electrical requirements?

Most systems are 460 V/3 Phase Power, and require anything between 20 to 100 amps of power supply, depending on the size and load of the system. They range in size from 2 feet deep by 2 feet wide by 4 feet tall and 200 pounds, to 6 feet deep by 10 feet wide by 7 feet tall, and weighing up to 6,500 pounds.